Saturday, 15 June 2013

Review: Avon Solutions Hydra Radiance Day Cream

 I have the old packaging because I forgot I owned it...

I recently cleared out my wardrobe and discovered that I had a pot of this moisturizer unopened in the excessively large box of skincare items I've amassed over the years. I've just used up my Simple day moisturizer, and my No7 one is too rich to use during the day in summer, even on my dry skin. So the other day, when in a bit of a hurry to get ready, I used this moisturizer underneath my foundation, and pretty much fell in love with it.

The texture is quite thick, however I find that it melts beautifully into my skin, and doesn't leave an oily residue behind as some creams do. It also doesn't feel heavy on the skin - some creams feel as if you've just put a thick layer of makeup on and don't allow your skin to breathe, but this makes my skin feel more hydrated whilst being very light. It also has SPF 15 in, which is quite low in comparison to what I usually use (at least SPF 30), but is still good protection for people who don't burn quite as easily as me! There is no glitter or shimmer to this moisturizer that I can see - often 'radiance' products contain shimmer which can make you look unfortunately like a human disco ball, and really is not flattering.

My foundation (well, tinted moisturizer), goes on well over this, and I don't find that it comes off easily, unlike other creams which can make makeup 'slide' off the face. It also works beautifully underneath powder foundation, or with concealer alone. I don't find that it effects the finish of a foundation, but the skin still looks healthy and radiant as opposed to looking like there are four bottles of foundation of it; for example, I used this underneath Stila tinted moisturizer and Natural Collection powder for a matte yet radiant (I'm aware that sounds like a massive contradiction) finish.

It's also very good value for money - at the moment it's £3.75 for 50mls, and at full price it's still only £7.50 - I've used mine about five times and barely used any of the pot, despite applying quite a generous layer to my face and neck.

Available from the Avon website or your Avon representative.

What's your favourite moisturizer?

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  1. This looks like an interesting product, I'll keep searching for that brand. Thanks for introducing it :)!